Silent Wings

Silent Wings 1.10

Practice your flight techniques, fly online with your buddies
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Silent Wings brings a new level of soaring realism to your PC. Practice your flight techniques, fly online with your buddies, replay your real-flight GPS logs, or simply enjoy long distance soaring over detailed and magnificent sceneries.

The aerodynamics in the simulator is calculated by simulating the wing flow over each part of the wings and tail . This enables us to accurately simulate “asymmetric situations” like for example spins and side-slips.

MAin features:
-Very sophisticated flight model with accurate simulation of extreme maneuvers such as spins, inverted flight, sideslipping etc.
- Fully dynamical simulation of aerotows where the glider even affects the towplane!
- Advanced ground physics where you can simulate landing in steep terrains.
- Highly accurate performance profiles for all aircraft, including water ballast.
- Winch launching with full physics simulation and intelligent winch operator. Practice wire-breaks at low altitude!
- Aircraft stress simulation, including high speed flutter and G overload.

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